Saturday, June 03, 2006

Amazing Johnathan...

Well if you have not seen Amazing Johnathan before, you are missing a treat... He is without a doubt the funniest man in magic. (I guess you could say he is the most magical man in comedy as well... but not the same KICK)

I wish I could be 1% as funny as he is. If this were so, I would NEVER have to worry about making it on stage!

The reason I am chatting him up is I am heading to Las Vegas tomorrow for a week. Thinking about the last time I went to LV brought back the "amazing" time I had at his show. I was laughing so hard, I could barely breath... He took the time to chat with me and take a few pics, thanks again AJ!. So do yourself a favor an go see him next time you are in Vegas.

While I am out there this time I will be seeing Mac King, another funny man of magic. You may have seen him on the worlds greatest magic.

When I get back next weekend I will tell you all about it! So till then have fun & stay out of trouble! See you all in 7 days!

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Penn & Teller & Me...

OK, being a Magician, one tends to hold in high regard the normal group of performers. Copperfield, Burton, Mc Bride, Houdini, Blackstone, etc. (Hopefully not Blaine!) The truth is, so do I, but there is a duo that I believe optimizes the stage perfomance of "magic"... and that is Penn and Teller.

So being a bit of a fan, and yesterday I promised you a story... here we go.

Richmond VA, a few years back P & T were performing a few shows, and since I was living there at the time, I went.

If anyone knows anything about P&T you will know that they do an effect called the Magic Bullet. Two people are asked from the audience to come up on stage, check out a .357 Magnum, Select a live bullet, sign the casing and mark the bullet, Load it into said Pistol. Then P & T (each with a Gun) fire at each other catching the others bullet in their mouth. SO the best part of the story... I was one of the 2 audience members.

I went up on stage (On Tellers side), checked out the REAL .357 Mag, I selected the REAL bullet, signed the casing and put a smiley face on the bullet. So after I was asked to go to the side of the stage for safety reasons and P & T fired at each other, Penn spit a bullet, into my hand (LOL) and it was mine, smiley face and all. Teller then removed the casing from the .357 and it was also mine. They let me have both, then we were escorted off the stage.

Being the great people that they are Penn & Teller came outside the theater and stood around chatting with everyone and signing autographs. I got one on a 3 of Clubs (P & T's favorite card) and my wife had them sign the program.

So I framed them all with a pic of Penn & Teller with guns and that is what hangs it the magic room today. That's my fun story folks. Hope you enjoyed.

Richard Glenn

The Messy Magic Room to be

So as I promised you, here are pics of the Magic Room pre spring cleaning LOL. Yes that is a guitar and NO I can not play it! It has autographs on it, that is why I have it.My shelf of props and stuff that needs dusting, 1/2 a Blaney Levitation in its case with a TV on it and more autographs (on pics this time...) Michael Ammar, Lance Burton, Jeff McBride and Penn & Teller. There is a great story behind the Penn & Teller autographs but I will save that till later..Here is the bed (and chaise lounge I forgot to mention) that I need to remove to have enough space to move around. So what do you think, thing I will have enough space... We will see.

Cleaning Up

OK folks, I have started cleaning the Magic Room (aka our second bedroom) to get ready for practice. Junk is all over the place seeings that I am such a pack rat.

I also have to remove the guest bed and place it in a closet! No guests for awhile lol.

Next I need to get all my Props out and dusted off!

OK for any non-magical folks out there (I think I shall steal the term Muggle), a Prop is the box, gun, wand or table that a magician uses in his/her show to help perform the many miracles you will see on stage.

So over this long weekend I think I will be packing and cleaning and preparing my Magical Space.

SO I will post pics of "before" the cleaning of the Magic Room and hopefully an "after" VERY SOON!

Oh and a bit of a Post Script...

For all of my fellow New Yorkers out there, please do not kill me over the 200 sf of extra space in our apartment!!!

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Hello, bon jour, aloha... and let the show begin!

Hello to all. I would like to welcome you to my little space on the web.

My name is Richard Glenn. I current live in New York City. I have been practicing and performing the art of Magic and Illusion since I was 9 years old. Am I good? Well many people believe I am, but more importantly (and egotistical) so do I.

I have been looking to start performing for large audiences (100+) for a few years now, but life, work and MANY other things have gotten in the way.

Well that has all changed. I have a great job, and my lovely wife does well. It also seems that all is good with the rest of the world as well.

So it looks as if it is now time for me to get off my butt and make this thing happen. I would also like to bring you all along to share in the adventures of this journey.

I have Grand Ideas, mainly a seasonal show titled Nightmares (Halloween time) here in New York City and another yet to be named project that will be a full 1 1/2 hour stage show to take on the road. I tried last year to do the Nightmares show, but I could not keep the creative in line with reality! I know what I want and I know what I can do. Hopefully I can find a happy medium ASAP.

So why write my experiences here? Well I want to put together a bit of a diary of this journey I am now about to undertake... That is really it. Hell I may be the only person reading this, but it will put a great time line for me to see where I have been and where I plan to go.

My friends, family, colleagues and especially my wife have been pushing me to get my butt of the couch and get going forever. So with a big brush off to procrastination, here we go.

I really hope you will enjoy this and I hope I can keep it going. So hello, bon jour, aloha... and let the show begin!